A Lily Allen "Air Balloon" video is already in the making!

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After hearing the song again and again, I am still quite unsure about whether or not I should be excited.

Shakira will release a new album in March!

For those of you still playing "Can't Remember To Forget You" on repeat, there are good news: Shakira's new album (her TENTH album) has an official release date now, March 25th.

The title of the album remains yet unknown, but fuck that, the important thing is new music is coming from this Latino diva and that's always exciting.

Lea Michele premieres "Louder" as a promotional single, listen here!

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Because somebody understands that you need some good promo for any new record, Lea Michele has decided to share with the world another doses of her possibly-amazing upcoming record "Louder", nothing but the title track to be precise.

"Louder" sounds like another "feel better and share your thoughts" kinda anthem which is good, but the song certainly doesn't yell radio power to me so it's good she decided to us it only as a promotional single.

"Louder", the album, is scheduled to be released on March 4th.

[Source: billboard.com ]

Foster The People reveal comeback single "Coming of Age" + tracklist for "Supermodel"

It has been over two years since Foster The People conquered the charts with their debut album "Torches" but it seems that the boys are read for another round in the spotlight with the release of their follow-up record "Supermodel".

They just shared a little snippet of their next single "Coming of Age", as well as the artwork and tracklist for their new album "Supermodel".

"Supermodel" is scheduled to be released on March 14th.

[Source: dataclipe.tv ]

Shakira and Rihanna premiere their duet "Can't Remember To Forget You"

After lots of speculation and a valuable series of leaks, Shakira and Rihanna's expected hit single "Can't Remember To Forget You" is finally HERE and so far I'm in love.

Do you think "Can't Remember To Forget You" has what it takes to give Shakira her next #1?

Lily Allen premieres boring 'Air Balloon', second single off her third album

After her last single "Hard Out Here" wasn't so well received by neither the charts or the media, Lily has decided to go on a more "safe" route by choosing "Air Ballon" as the second single off her next album.

"Air Ballon" sounds like something M.I.A. would do a couple of years ago (which yes, is not a good thing), although I have the feeling that it was her label's decision to release this because let's face it "Hard Out Here" was a fuckin amazing record but the media just didn't get it, so perhaps they will get this "high in my air balloon" concept.


[Source: twitter.com]