LADY GAGA - OMFG! Are these the songs from Born This Way????

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So everybody is waiting for the official release of Born This Way, the only info we have confirmed until now is that the first single will be released on the Grammys night on February 13th and that the album will be available until May 23rd, also we know that Born This Way and You And I are confirmed songs, and we know that there's a song that talks about "a hooker in a church corner" (that's on Gaga's twitter, check it!).

Since Lady Gaga confirmed the new album, there was a supposed track list of Born This Way, and we really didn't payed any attention, but... now it seems more real than ever. Just recently a new tracklist was revealed and it even has which songs are going to be singles. So judge for yourself and keep on waiting for Born This Way.

Supposed tracklist of Born This Way:

UPDATE: Up to now it's confirmed that this track list is complete bullshit! But anyways, let's laugh a little at those fake songs! :) And don't hesitate on listening to the real songs here!

Born This Way (Snippet)(Live at VMA 10) - Lady Gaga