BEYONCÉ | You are the "Best Thing I Never Had!" 2nd single from new album!

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"What goes around comes back around!" With that catchy phrase is how Beyoncé deals with a breakup in her new song Best Thing I Never Had. Ah, and also with "I'm the best thing you never had... It sucks to be you right now!" Arrogant? Nah, not at all, B...

Originally, there was some speculation that 1+1 was gonna become Beyoncé's second single from her new album, and I was kinda happy 'bout that because I really like that track (you better hear 1+1 here!), at least more than Run The World (Girls) but the change seems like a good thing since I'm really diggin' Best Thing I Never Had!

The song feels like what Beyoncé recorded the same day she did Irreplaceable from her previous work, which could be either good, because that was a hit song, or bad 'cus doesn't that mean she's stuck in her past-self?

Well, so far 4 seems kinda promising and I truly hope B has more cards up her sleeve! (Please!) Here's the track you're gonna love: Best Thing I Never Had.

Best Thing I Never Had - Beyoncé

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