Beyoncé´s album 4 is expected to bring her the lowest first week sales of her career!

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beyonce debuts 4 with poor sales on first week

Not even her appearance as headliner on Glastonbury as well as many other ways of promotion were just not enough to avoid the inevitable, Beyoncé's just released album 4 is expected to bring, in the first week, sales of about 275,000 to 300,000 units which may be not bad for a newcomer but sadly for Beyoncé, this could mark the lowest first week sales in her career!

It may have been the fact that the album leaked in its entirety a whole month ahead of its official release date, or maybe just the fact that her first two singles aren't doing so well on the charts but the point is that Beyoncé could be about to face hard times in her music career and considering the fact that the other songs on her record are not exactly the best material of her career, I smell trouble.

Although, at least she is on top of the Billboard 200 right? But 275K-300K is though to compare with the 1.14M that Gaga did for Born This Way or the 1.1M Taylor Swift did with Speak Now, both on their first week, but it's not that bad when you compare it to the 276K Britney did for Femme Fatale on its first week right?

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