David Archuleta shows the world how to sing God Bless America!

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David Archuleta shows the world how to sing the National Anthem!

First of all, thanks to archuletafanscene.com for the picture above.

Now, you know how every time there is some sport event, they ask a musician to sing the National Anthem or God Bless America and most of the times they ruined it completely by either forgetting the lyrics (are you listening Christina Aguilera?) or just doing a crappy job (that goes for everybody else), well it seems David Archuleta has finally decided to show the world how are you supposed to sing that song!

David sang God Bless America during the Reebok 2011 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game and, oh boy, he did a good job! If only he would have say: "Hell with this! I'm performing my new song Everything And More because people want to hear it!", that would have really made my day, but nah... Maybe next time! :D

God Bless America - David Archuleta