Here is why Bloody Mary or Scheisse should be Lady Gaga´s 4th single of Born This Way!

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Here is a reason why Bloody Mary should be Lady Gaga´s 4th single of Born This Way!

It is so close! And all the monsters are anxioustly hitting F5 every second and checking twitter again and again just to find out which song will be Lady Gaga´s 4th single off Born This Way!

So far, we know that the video will show Lady Gaga dressed as a mermaid called Yuyi and she will be born on it! But what song Gaga? What frickin' amazing record would you choose as 4th single???

For that question, here is an answer, well is more like a couple of videos, but you have to see what this people can do with great songs! These guys (and girls) are dancing to Gaga's Bloody Mary and Scheisse (or Schei├če, both are OK!) and they do a HELL of a job! Sigh... I wish I could dance like that.

So what do you think? Should it be Bloody Mary? Should it be Scheisse? Should it be Government Hooker (You already know the lyrics of Government, right?)?? Share your pick below...!

Bloody Mary Choreography by: Dejan Tubic

Scheisse Choreography by: Dejan Tubic