Nicki Minaj IS Beyoncé and Jay-Z´s godmother???

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Nicki Minaj IS Beyoncé and Jay-Z´s godmother???


After the incredible news of Beyoncé´s pregnancy, everybody started talking about it (and even helped Beyoncé break a record on Twitter!), but when I say "everybody" I am not only talking about the mortals fans, no no, also the famous people are wishing B and Jay-Z the best and actually, one of them, Nicki Minaj is willing to become the godmother of the child!!

Nicki Minaj recently talked to TheBoombox and this is what she shared about the situation:
"Young Money's leading lady is already calling first dibs on one of the coveted titles to receive after a child is born. "My baby Beyonce! I will be the godmother..."
So this is one of those moments when you would like to talk to Beyoncé and ask her what does she think about this, because even when I think Nicki would do wonders as a godmother (just lok at her "Moment 4 Life" video... Or better not?), I feel like probably the godmother will end up being one of the Destiny's Child girls, maybe Kelly Rowland I'd say...

But let's just see if Beyoncé manages to make a special spot for Nicki in her family, because she would definitely make the family more cheerful, don't you think?