[Album review] David Guetta with "Nothing But The Beat"

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[Album review] David Guetta with Nothing But The Beat

At times it seems like people like David Guetta had been on the music industry forever, because they have created an unique style, an impressive amount of hit-records and most important, a name on the industry, a very well known one in his case, but let's just don't forget that David released his first album just in 2002!

And now David has perfected his formula, because you must know that he is the one who started to bring famous musicians into his songs, so on "Nothing But The Beat" he decided to include two discs, one where the famous-musician+amazing-track formula was applied and the other one where he includes music for "his DJ friends" as he states.

Here are the most prominent comments that came to my mind after hearing "Nothing But The Beat"...

Where Them Girls At (ft. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj). Catchy lyrics. Upbeat. Flo Rida raps too much on it. Nicki Minaj saves the whole track. Her verses are SICK.

Little Bad Girl (ft. Taio Cruz & Ludacris). Already a single... Easy to notice why. Taio Cruz really shines on this one. Diggin' the lyrics. It's a bit sad that the video for this one is one as good as the song. Ludacris does a good job with his verse, although you've heard it before, right?

Turn Me On (ft. Nicki Minaj). This has GOT to be a single. Starts like just another track on the album but when the hook starts you notice this is something different. By the time the chorus hits, you are already dancing without previous notice. Is Nicki Minaj a vocal chameleon or what? The bridge before the final chorus reminds you of "Super Bass", but that's just good news.

Sweat (Snoop Dog vs David Guetta Remix). Starts just like Benassi's remix of Madonna's Celebration. Considering it's the only remix on the album and that it makes the original song seem like a lame demo version, I'd say this is the best remix Guetta has done in a while. Dirty track but it's Snoop Dogg so what could you expect?

Without You (ft. Usher). Big electro ballad. Loving the "You! You! You! You!" part. Must sound amazing when played live. Not a single though. I think I was expecting more from Usher.

Nothing Really Matters (ft. Will.I.Am). Will.I.Am introduces the auto-tune. Considering the fact that this track gave the name to the album, it could be a potential single. Maybe a 5th or 6th single though. The lyrics are not that catchy, although nothing really matters but the beat, right? Still waiting for Fergie to sing the amazing chorus that this track lacks of.

I Can Only Imagine (ft. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne). Second electro ballad on the album. Chris Brown really nails it on this one. Lil Wayne does a decent job though. Not sure if it has single potential, but it would be a great promo single.

Crank It Up (ft. Akon). Definitely a single.Upbeat.  Akon just brings his A game to his track, plus the beat that Guetta created it's just perfect. Maybe Guetta's not standing outside the box with this one but it seems like I haven't had enough of songs like this, neither do you.

I Just Wanna F (ft. Dev & Timbaland). Crazy. Although I'm loving the weird beat, I just don't see this one as a single. Perfect track for Dev to be on, her debut album is coming pretty soon, you know? Not that commercial, but still one of the best tracks on the record. Timbaland does what he knows on this one.

Night Of Your Life (ft. Jennifer Hudson). Not a big Jennifer Hudson fan but this track has made me a believer. A potential hit-record waiting to be massively played all over the world. Classic Guetta dance track. Strong bass.

Titanium (ft. Sia). By far one of the BEST tracks on the whole record. Sia's voice is just flawless on it, way better than Mary J. Blige's in the demo version of this track. Epic chorus. Sounds like the old David Guetta. Obvious single.

Potential singles: Titanium, Turn Me On, Night Of Your Life, Crank It Up.
Weakest tracks: Without You, I Can Only Imagine

I've to say that Guetta has done it again. At first, I hesitated a bit about his single selections, but after hearing all the incredible material Guetta has on "Nothing But The Beat", I've to admit that I'm really excited for the project and now, let's just hope that he makes good single selections!

GRADE:  ★     (4/5)

Here's a little sampler of the whole album... Enjoy!