[WTF] One Direction get their debut album "Up All Night" LEAKED!!!

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So yeah, the inevitable has happened again, the "leak curse" is back in full force!

After seeing Rihanna´s album "Talk That Talk" being leaked with more than two weeks away from the official release date, now the British boy band One Direction is facing the cruel reality of having their debut album "Up All Night" LEAKED days before they release it!

The good thing: The album sounds like a chart-topper (Yeah, I may have not being able to resist myself from taking a listen or two to some of the tracks on the record... But how can you blame me?).

The bad thing: One Direction's "Up All Night" is being released next Monday (November 21st) on the UK and it has already hit the internet. Although if you consider the loyalty of their fan base, I think that they have NOTHING to worry about.

And just in case you're interested... Here's a little sneak peak into their album, the track called "Tell Me A Lie" written by none other than Kelly Clarkson! Umhhh... And yeah, I foresee a single...