#news: Lana Del Rey crowned "Artist Of The Week"!

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#news: Lana Del Rey crowned Artist Of The Week!

Why would New York native Elizabeth Grant (A.K.A. Lana Del Rey) was crowned "Artist Of The Week"?

Simple: Lana has taking over Twitter recently after the release of her Born To Die video (which combined with the stunning song happens to be one of the best releases of the year), she is set to perform on Saturday Night Live next year and she doesn't have her debut album out yet, Lana has already hit number one on Germany and has entered the top ten on the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Ireland... and more!

So if you haven't checked out Lana Del Rey's material (what the f**k is wrong with you???) then don't worry, you're still on time to know her before she dominates the world with her music.

Take a look at her most recent singles...