#watch: Justin Bieber unveils new track "Be Alright" written by him!

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#watch: Justin Bieber unveils new track Be Alright written by him!

If there is one thing I loathe about pop music is that at times everything seems to be so manufactured, but when Justin Bieber sits down at Massey Hall to perform a brand new track (he wrote) in front of a huge crowd only with a guitar and his vocals, he just manages to gain my respect.

The track Bieber revealed is called "Be Alright" and even though there's still no word about whether or not this will make it into his upcoming album "Believe", chances are it will since it's sounds like a fan-favorite already!

Justin's manager has recently spoke about the upcoming album to Billboard, he shared:
"He's pretty adamant about writing a lot of [the album]... And he played me some stuff that he's been doing on his own. He wrote this amazing song that sounds like a Jodeci record. I'm really excited for him."
So... Could Justin Bieber write a massive hit like "Baby" all on his own for the next album?