#news: Leona Lewis pushes "Glassheart" release (again) to November 2012!

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#news: Leona Lewis pushes Glassheart release (again) to November!

Following the previous announcement of her re-schedule for the release date of "Glassheart", which was set to drop first on the summer of 2011, then on November 28th 2011, then sometime around May 2012, and sadly... It seems that Leona's album won't hit stores until November 26th of 2012!

Whaaaat? (Thousands of fans screamed to the top of their lungs). People have been waiting for this record almost a whole year and now we are told that we have to wait more than 10 months for it (on top of the prior year) to hear the final cut of the album?

At least it seems that Leona's label are finally putting more attention to the project, and it's been said that they have enlisted the likes of will.i.am to give the album a better vibe, so here's hoping that "Glassheart" doesn't get released around the spring of 2013 (that seems like a joke at this moment but... Think about it a little more...).