#news: Nicki Minaj to release "Stupid Hoe" video next week!

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#news: Nicki Minaj to release Stupid Hoe video next week!

After performing "Stupid Hoe" live for the first time on Dick Clark´s New Year´s Rockin´ Eve, Nicki Minaj seems to be more than ready for the masses to receive her brand new tune that, apparently, will work as the first single off her sophomore album "Pink Friday: Reloaded", and the video she promised for the track? Well, that one is coming next week.

Nicki Minaj replied to one of her fans after he complemented the song on Twitter...

So there you have it. "Stupid Hoe" will definitely be more than "just a promotional single", and although I enjoy the track, I still feel she will need to release something with more of a "Super Bass" resemblance real soon, because let's face it... "Stupid Hoe" does not seem to be the kinda song that can top charts worldwide... Or is it?