#listen: Marina And The Diamonds "Homewrecker" leaks in full!

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#listen: Marina And The Diamonds Homewrecker leaks in full!

If you thought Marina And The Diamonds upcoming record "Electra Heart" was giving hints of being an amazing record, then you were right!

After obsessing over "Radioactive" and "Fear And Loathing", now a brand new track for us to put on constant replay has hit the web, and it's called "Homewrecker". "Homewrecker" has all the elements that make a Marina And The Diamonds song epic: emotional lyrics, passionate hook and an explosion of indie pop sounds that promise to blow your mind, and they in fact do.

"Electra Heart" is scheduled to be released on April 30th, and "Homewrecker" will be available as a FREE download next Monday, so stay tuned.

Now take a listen.