#OMFG: Nicki Minaj kisses Chris Brown for "Right By My Side"!

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#OMFG: Nicki Minaj kisses Chris Brown for Right By My Side!

Or not?

"Right By My Side" premiered a couple of days ago, but unless you are a musichead or a Nicki Minaj fan barb or ken, then chances are you missed the premiere of Nicki's new clip, so here you have it.

On the video you can see Nicki Minaj kissing Chris Brown Nas and seeming to enjoy every single second of it, plus the song is really growing on me, so... Who knows? Maybe she has another hit-record in her hands with this one.

By the way, someone is looking goooood on this clip, uh? Don't know what you are doing lately Nicki, but keep doing it!

[Image source: asieybarbie.tumblr.com ]