#premiere: Justin Bieber gets punched in "As Long As You Love Me" video!

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Could this song be Justin Bieber´s next "Baby"?

After forgetting the fact that I dislike most of the Biebs' material, I decided to give his album "Believe" a try, and as suspected, I hated most of it... BUT there was a particular song called "As Long As You Love Me" that made me think this guy was more than another overproduced pop gimmick.

"As Long As You Love Me" has the catchiest chorus pop has heard in 2012 I'd say, and the fact that is a Justin Bieber song guarantees that this will have the needed exposure to make it a world wide hit, so congratulations Justin on this almost perfect electro pop jewel.

Oh and the video... It's OK I think... A bit cheesy in my opinion, but beliebers love that, right?

[Image source: thatsexybieber.tumblr.com ]