#premiere: Pitbull and Shakira aim high on "Get It Started" video!

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After scoring a worldwide hit with his single "Give Me Everything" some time ago, it seems that Pitbull has finally found the light and now he's determined to make it on the pop / electronic scene, for that he decided to call home-girl Shakira so she could nail a catchy-ass chorus for him (just like Ne-Yo did back in the day), but... Did it work?

I've to admit that the "Give Me Everything" fever did not hit me immediately, so I assume that the fact I'm not loving "Get It Started" could be because I haven't listen to the track enough (or could it be a bad song?!).

But in the meantime let's watch how beautiful does Shakira look on the video for the song below... And about Pitbull? Yeah, I ignored every scene he was in... So just pay attention to Shakira.

[Image source: shakiramania.net ]