#wtf: Christina Aguilera teases "Your Body" video, Lady Gaga throws shade on her?

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By now, I am sure any true pop music lover has already heard Christina Aguilera's promising comeback single "Your Body" (or "Fuck Ya Body" as I like to call it) as well as seen some images that have surfaced from the shooting of the video for the track BUT now we have a teaser!

On the video below, we can take a look at a pretty sensual Christina Aguilera that reminds us of her "Back to Basics" days, which is not a bad thing considering that was one of her more profitable eras. She's seen rockin' a pink wig and some very provocative clothes, so yeah, so far, I'm happy with the results.

On a related note, the latest addition to pop royalty, Lady Gaga, decided to congratulate Xtina for her new record, but somehow it seems that her word choices may have not been the correct ones... She wrote on Twitter:

Ouuuch! Obviously there's two ways of seeing the comment above, and considering that Gaga is a peace girl (she even has a tattoo of the "Peace and love" sing on her wrist), I will go for the "good compliment, bad word choices" option... And yourself?