#reviews: Nelly Furtado - The Spirit Indestructible [Album review]!

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After releasing a whole Spanish album titled "Mi Plan", as a follow-up to her worldwide hit "Loose", Nelly Furtado has finally decided to go back to her roots and release an astonishing indie pop masterpiece with the help of some old/new friends that included Darkchild (Telephone, Overprotected...), TiĆ«sto, Salaam Remi (Tears Dry On Their Own...) and crew.

On the standard edition of the album (12 tracks), Nelly takes us to a ride full of colorful melodies, songs that at times get to be pretty nostalgic, but not precisely sad, as in "Parking Lot", where Nelly goes back to her adolescent days, or on "Spirit Indestructible", which may be easily described as a tribute to humanity.

Among the mix, there are some tracks that give the whole record a child-like feeling, like the radio-friendly "High Life", a way for Nelly to talk about how her success has changed her life. And there are tracks like "Waiting For The Night" and "Big Hoops", where Nelly shows us she's still has that dance/R&B vibe to her music and she ain't afraid to remind us about it.

Overall, the album's sound feels eclectic, it feels like pop, it reminds you of Florence + The Machine, it sounds like the old Nelly you use to love, and it gives you a new Nelly you'd like to hear more about.

GRADE:  ★     (4/5) 

Highlights: "Parking Lot", "High Life", "Spirit Indestructible", "Waiting For The Night", "Something"

Better skip: Really... Every song on the record deserves to be heard at least once, so give it a try!