#rumors: Gaga and Beyoncé working together on ARTPOP???

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beyonce gaga artpop ratchet duet azealia banks

Oh, and the rumors keep comin'! Word on the street says that Beyoncé and Lady Gaga may just continue what they started back in 2010 with their duet "Telephone" (from The Fame Monster)!!!

And as we may have noticed by now, rumors about both artists' next records appear by the second, so at first glance it may be hart to believe BUT just moments ago, none other than Honey B uploaded a photo to her instagram account of some earrings with the letters "Ratchet", WHICH happen to be VERY similar to those Gaga was wearing on a twitter pic she posted weeks ago.

And if you are like... SO? Then, just remember that Gaga and Azealia Banks (who obviously knows how to hold a hot-dog on this video) recently worked on a tracked called (get ready for it) "Ratchet".

beyonce gaga artpop ratchet duet azealia banks

And there you have it. Could it be the truth that all three of them are gonna work together on ARTPOP or is it just a pretty weird coincidence, uh?