#leaks: Extracts of Lady Gaga´s ARTPOP start hitting the web!

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#leaks: Extracts of Lady Gaga´s ARTPOP start hitting the web!

In what seems to be now an usual fashion whenever some mainstream artist is just about to release a new album, the supposed "leaks" start appearing EVERYWHERE!

The latest victim of this curse is, none other than, Lady Gaga, whose record ARTPOP, one of the highly anticipated albums of 2013, is presumably hitting the web pretty early on!

So far, Gaga has revealed she has written more than 70+ songs for ARTPOP, but has only recorded about 20+, and she swears that no mofo is gonna leak her music, but you know them hackers... Impossible is not on their vocabulary, right?

Among all the "leaks" that have made news recently, there's this one that really intrigues me, because a few months ago, Gaga played a similar track to some fans monsters while singing some autographs... Interesting, uh? The record sounds like a preeeeeetty basic idea for a demo,so don't be that judgemental,ok?

Here you go... Thoughts? The supposed leak... 

Gaga playing the track...