#listen: Who sang "Ghetto Baby" better, Cheryl Cole or Lana Del Rey?

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#listen: Who sang Ghetto Baby better, Cheryl Cole or Lana Del Rey?

In case you are not that into UK music lately, then chances are you may have passed on hearing former (and current) member of Girls Aloud's record, called "A Million Lights", which happens to include some pretty you-have-to-hear-that-shit kinda records. Please hear: "Screw You" and "Ghetto Baby".

And talking about the second one, it's important to mention that "Ghetto Baby" was penned by our beloved Brooklyn hipster Lana Del Rey, and... Even if you did not know that, just by hearing the track you can DEFINITELY tell, I mean, homegirl's writiting style is pretty unique.

And, just for pure controversy, here you have both of them versions: Cheryl's more upbeat record, including dancing and sexy moves, and Lana's fantasy ride, with vocals that make her sound utterly entertaining.

Which version do you prefer, uh?