#watch: Leona flies high on her "Lovebird" music video!

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#watch: Leona flies high on her Lovebird music video!

Looking through the list of videos that Youtube recommended me for this week, I found Leona Lewis´ latest clip for her "Glassheart" second single, the beautiful ballad "Lovebird" and it kinda make me feel bad, 'cause Leona is my gurl, and I should know about her whereabouts, y'know? But what are we gonna do, right?

Take a listen to the gorgeous ballad that Leona presents, with all and glittery eye-make up included.

Oh, and BY THE WAY, don't forget to get her record "Glassheart" and you MUST listen to: "Glassheart", "Un Love Me" and "Come Alive".. Why? Well, 'cause those are some epic tracks, so do it!