#rumors: Could Adele perform "Skyfall" at the 2013 Oscars???

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Say WHAAAT? Rumor has it that Adele will make her triumphant comeback to the scenarios at the 2013 Academy Awards by performing her James Bond theme "Skyfall"! Shit your pants... NOW!

It seems like AGES ago when back in 2011 Adele dropped "21" and then it suddenly became a worldwide phenomenon, and although she must still getting millions by the minute for the royalties, that doesn't mean, we, the fans, don't want to see her again! And I know she's been busy having a baby and stuff, but girl, "Skyfall" is GOOOOOD and it would be awesome to see it live!

Here's hoping this rumor is more of a true... Please!

[Image source: poponandon.com ]