Amy Winehouse died in bed watching Youtube videos of herself, while drinking

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I have got to admit that the previous headline makes me quite sad, since a part of me still can't believe that Amy Winehouse died a year and a half ago, and now that the real cause of her death was revealed, they also have come to reveal that besides drinking, the thing that Amy Winehouse died doing was watching videos of herself on Youtube by her bed.

On the article, Amy's security guard Andrew Morris talks about the last hours of Amy, they state:
"At one point, she came out to show him YouTube videos of a man she dated in the past, then returned to her room to watch clips of herself -- something he hadn't witnessed her do in a long time [...] Morris admitted that he knew Winehouse was drinking but she "wasn't completely drunk." He last saw her at 2:30AM on July 23, 2011 then checked in on her at 10AM, finding her passed out on her bed, face down and fully clothed. He didn't realize something was wrong until he saw her in the same position at 3PM. He called for help, and paramedics pronounced her dead after they arrived. Her laptop was on the bed next to her, and two empty bottles of vodka were found on the floor nearby..."
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