Beyoncé shares documentary about her pregnancy with HBO, talks about her fears

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After watching the latest Beyoncé documentary she released back when she was promoting ´4´, it was quite clear to me that homegirl knows how to make you feel emotional while watching that sort of thing, so after hearing the news of her releasing a brand new documentary of her life before and during her pregnancy... Man, that shit is gonna definitely bring a tear to your eye!

The film is title "Life Is But A Dream" and it will be released on HBO soon, I guess. On the 90-sec teaser she just released you can see her finding out she was preggers, rehearsing for her Grammy performance and crying her eyes out at the studio while making '4' presumably.

2013 paints to be a very good year for Queen B, I mean, it's only January 11th, and bitch has had more headlines than any other so-called pop star out there!

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