Britney Spears 'Las Vegas' deal put in jeopardy because of her Lip syncing

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Oh oh! What could have seemed to be an easy 100 200 million dollar contract, has turned out to be a series of speculations and doubts for Ms. Britney Spears.

Just last week, news broke about Brit Brit considering a 'Las Vegas' residency so she could work on her next record and perform every night for a while, but it seems that things have turned bad for her.

ABreatheHeavy insider, one of Brit's may fan-sites, shares the news:
“The hotels fear that people outside of Britney’s fanbase would be disappointed by a lipsynched show. The hotels are afraid to take her on because they feel people will demand refunds if the show is lackluster and lip-synced.”
I wonder what will Britney do after all, because I mean, it's pretty clear she doesn't have the voice she used to have a while ago (nor Christina to be honest) but I believe that singing live again could only do good for her.

The question is: Can she do it?

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