Britney Spears says 'no no' to another season of X Factor, puts her focus on music for 2013

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If you got to see the last season of the X-Factor US, then you would know that Britney Spears did not do such a very good job as a "judge" on the show, I mean, it's frickin' Britney Spears, you know? But the thing is that after two or three episodes, everyone was like "maahh" after Brit belted out her 3 responses that repeated over and over again ('you did good I love it', 'not so good sweetie' and 'OMG who even let you in?'), so when the inevitable question about Britney returning (or not) for another season on 2013 popped up, everybody wondered... But now the truth has been revealed: Britney is ditching the show for good!

Why would Britney reject another 15 million contract you may ask yourself. The answer is quite simple: Brit Brit is working on new music (, Hit-Boy, maybe Gaga...) and she knows that she can win so much money from that, so she ran out as soon as she had a chance. Though supposedly, she would be missing everyone, but most importantly, she will no longer have the chance to do this...

It must be a sad sad day for Britney.