Christina Aguilera's performance and weight cause controversy at the People Choice Awards 2013

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By now, I am sure Christina Aguilera has heard EVERYTHING anybody could tell her about her weight and how she should represent the ideal image of a perfect pop star, but you know what? FUCK THAT!

Christina Aguilera was looking curvy at the People Choice Awards? Yeah. Does it matter? Of course no! At least, it shouldn't because as far as I remember homegurl is a singer, and she can do whatever the f*** she wants with her body, y'know? It just upsets me to see idiotic people on twitter ranting about "how fat she looked", I mean for God's sake, just get a frickin' life and do something more valuable with your time, please.

And yeah, that's it. Take a look at Xtina's showtime at the People Choice Awards...