Gwen Stefani flaunts her 20-year old body with No Doubt, performing live at Jimmy Kimmel

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Gwen Stefani just loves to shove in our face the fact that she is 43 years old but her face and body look like she just turned 20, right? At least that's what I got from watching her killer performance at the Jimmy Kimmel  show with No Doubt.. And yeah, I just fell in love with her, for the 53rd time.

Gwen sang "Push & Shove" and "Hella Good". Killed it (nothing new here). Though it's a sad thing that the album ain't selling like hot bread, cuz it should, you know? But I guess that people out there don't know how to appreciate amazingness when they have it in front of them and instead they rather go and get the latest Lil' Wayne record and watch The Jersey Shore (that shit got canceled already, right?).

Take a look at both performances.

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