How much would Britney Spears earn for her Vegas residency?

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Now that Britney Spears is completely free from the X-Factor franchise, the pop star is looking for another day job and multiple sources claim that a Vegas residency is just the thing that the former pop princess is looking for right now.

According to 4music, the bids for Brit Brit's Vegas show are on, they stated:
"The Scream & Shout singer - who is said to be close to agreeing to a $100 million, one-year residency with the Caesars hotel chain - has now received two other big money offers from two rival hotels in the US gambling capital. 
By agreeing to a deal, Britney would perform a complete live show several times a week for hotel guests, much like fellow songstress Celine Dion, whose Vegas residency is worth $100 million"
Britney stated prior to her X-Factor exit, that she really wanted to perform and work on her next album, so do you think that working 5 days a week would really help her focusing on new music?

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