#wtf: Justin Bieber shirtless (once again) showing new tattoos!

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Because only the modern day male pop star would know that t-shirts are SO 2012, right Justin?

18-year old Justin Bieber seems to be willing to break a record for the highest amount of sightings without shirt (look here, here and here) and it ain't like his fans beliebers are complaining but I wonder... Why is it that he does this so often, uh?

 Is it because he knows sex sells and millions of his obsessed fans beliebers will continue worshipin his almost naked image until the end of the days (no matter how much weed he smokes) if they see just a glance of his abs on each and every concert they go?

Nah, maybe it's just that it gets too hot at the arenas he plays in, right? Yeah, that must be it.