#wtf: Justin Bieber smoking weed (on camera)???

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#wtf: Justin Bieber smoking weed (on camera)???
Oops, he did it again... Wrong line.

A few not-so-pleasant photos of 18-year old Justin Bieber have hit the web. In those, you can watch the male pop star holding what seems to be a huge stache of Mary Jane... Classy.

Apparently the pics were taken on January 2nd, the day where Bieber found out a paparazzi died while trying to take a photo of his car, and yes, he sure seems sad about it. I guess it's fine he decides to do that in his private life, but the fact that he's a big pop star that millions of young girls follow makes me worry. I guess we'll have to wait for a reply from Biebs.

But I wonder if there's anything he can say to make people forget about this and bring back the "good boy" image they had of him, uh?

[Image source: TMZ.com ]