Katy Perry sings for Obama at Kid's Inaugural Concert, gets tired while doing it

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When Katy was asked to perform at the inauguration of Obama's second term, one would thought that she would take it to the other level, right? Well, it seems it was just not her night.

Before fans go cray cray on me, let me go ahead and say that I love Katy Perry with all my heart and I believe that 'Teenage Dream' was one of the best records of 2010 BUT judging by the performances below, you can definitely see that neither her voice or her movement were at their best, she sounded a little bit tired at time and her vocals just didn't wowed the crowd as usual.

Overall, it was a "decent" performance, but I know Katy can do way better than that (though she looked hot as hell of course).

[Image via hello-katy.tumblr.com ]