Listen: Destiny's Child makes huge comeback with 90's sounding 'Nuclear', they dissapoint

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For the highly-surprising comeback of Destiny's Child, I was expecting to hear the most incredible dancehall jam ever created, and then I heard the title 'Nuclear' and I thought 'OH MY FUCKIN GOD! THIS SHIT IS GONNA BE A-MA-ZING!' and then I heard the track... And a part of me was shocked, the other was just sad to hear the release.

'Nuclear' sounds like that B-side from a 90's house record you never really wanted to listen, but it came with the other song you really loved, so you had to get it as well. I mean, I'm happy that the song is here, but I just don't love it, and I'm still not sure if I can replay it to be completely honest.

It's just a sad day, I guess.