#wtf: Mariah Carey throws shade at Nicki Minaj for Barbara Walters!

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It seems that every day, I just want to watch the new season of American Idol a little bit more and more, and it ain't because of contestants or anything (they lost me after Adam didn't win on his season honestly...) BUT because I believe the hate between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey is gonna be SPLENDID!

After Nicki threw a little shade here and there, Mariah decided that no bitch would talk bad at her back without her doing the same, so when Barbara Walters if she was the bitch Nicki was singing about (those were her words, people), Mariah gratefully responded:
"SAY WHAAAT? That bitch can sing? Mmhh mhh honeybooboo, she can barely rap..."
Or something like that.

The new season starts January 16th and you know you don't wanna miss it.
[Image source: foxnews.com ]