#news: 5 Best New Acts of 2013: Marina And The Diamonds

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1. Marina And The Diamonds

There is no words to express how I first felt when I heard Marina´s debut single "Hollywood". Back in the day, she was just a pretty Welsh singer that happened to have a pretty clever pop song that became a hit in the UK. Then a hit album. Then she release her second album and... Oh boy, she did it!

Marina is the perfect combination of an unique and powerful voice, amazing songwriting skills, an interesting performance approach and the mind to create powerful records. I mean, she just gets it. Seriously, the world is ready for her! And even though "Electra Heart" was overly underrated on 2012, Marina is a fighter, so I have really high hopes for her on 2013.

Who knows? Maybe when 12 months passed, she will be added to every American's list of favorite pop stars and the world will be a better place, right? Hopefully...

Tracks you MUST listen: Hollywood, Living Dead, Power And Control, I Am Not A Robot, Radioactive.

[ Image source: hangout.altsounds.com ]