#news: M.I.A. to delay 4th album "Matangi" for being "too positive"?

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If you were already imagining putting your hands on M.I.A.´s "Matangi", well, these are sad news for you, because the English beauty has officially delayed the release date to April 15th!

Though, it is not really her fault. The thing is that her record label is putting pressure on her. She shared:

"I thought I'd finished it. I finished it and then I handed the record in, like a couple of months ago ...  At the moment, I've been told it's too positive. So we're having a bit of an issue at the label. They're like 'You need to like darken it up a bit'. I don't know what it is but as soon as I work that out.''
And M.I.A., the artist who flipped the bird live on TV during her performance at last year's Super Bowl, is agreeing to that? It's like 'We just built you up as the public enemy No. 1 and now you're coming out with all this positive stuff."
So there you have it guys. We have at least 4 months of waiting before hearing any new stuff coming from M.I.A.'s corner, and that is if her label approves the record once she changes it.

[Source: goldcoast.com.au ]