Follow Nicki Minaj's schizophrenic path to fame on her latest video blog + Idol premiere photos

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After taking a close look at the E! special and the large number of video-blogs that Nicki has shared lately, by now the media and the public may know a little bit more of Onika, and some may hate her, some may love her, because let's face, homegurl knows how to be a bitch sometimes, but that's just who she is and her barbz seem to love it, so it's ok I guess.

Her latest video blog covers her life from late November until December 24th 2012, and you can see quite a lot. A ton of interviews, in huge you can see Nicki wearing the same outfit for about 7 o 8 of them (gurl, why?), some radio promo, some live shows, promo for her fragrance here and there, and continuous shout-outs about her "Re-Up" record.

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