Nicki Minaj says she 'won't watch American Idol', should we do the same then?

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Now that the ratings for American Idol were revealed and the show actually premiered with ratings 19% lower than last season (oops), the 'Roman Reloaded' singer claims that she 'won't watch American Idol' after all.

According to OK Magazine, Nicki Minaj decided to share why she's not waiting to seeing herself on TV, she explained:

''I'm not going to watch myself. I have a hard time watching myself with anything. I'm afraid I'm going to over-analyse it and make myself feel bad about something I can't change. With a performance, I'll watch and then pause it and see if I could handle that. Sometimes it's a good performance and I really love it and I'll watch it every day after that. I'm my biggest critic.''
And there you have it 'barbz', Nicki doesn't like to overly criticize herself, which leaves us the choice to decide if she's doing a bad or a good job out there. Thoughts?