#premiere: One Direction makes girls scream with "Kiss You" official release!

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#premiere: One Direction makes girls scream with Kiss You official release!

After a million of teaser clips, the British boy-band One Direction have decided to (finally) release the official video for "Kiss You", the 2nd single off their 2nd studio album "Take Me Home" and... It is surprisingly good!

And by "good" I mean: Fun, colorful and with a lot of oh-my-god-girls-are-gonna-have-their-ovaries-explode-with-this-scene kinda moments. So I guess that if the purpose was that their fan base went cray cray with all the shirtless imagery, they accomplished their goal, right?

Give "Kiss You" a try and try not to scream so loud while you do it... Please.

[Image source: josepvinaixa.com ]