Rihanna shows her generous side, gives $200 tip to waiter at LA

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Because when you have dozens of hit-records and 7 extremely successful albums in your bag, you know you have got to be generous with the world, and it's refreshing to see that huge pop stars like Rihanna, besides being incredibly talented, they are actually quite amazing human beings.

Last Friday, while being at the Los Angeles' Laugh Factory Comedy Club, RiRi made the day of a pretty lucky waiter by giving him a big tip. 4music shares:
'After watching comedian Dane Cook's stand-up routine while downing drinks with six pals, the 24-year-old Bajan beauty was all set to cough up the table's $80 bill. According to TMZ, when the waiter came over, Rihanna asked him what his biggest tip ever was, to which he replied $100. She then thrust $200 into his hand and quipped: "Now I'm your biggest tip!"'
Don't you just wanna buy another album from her? I know I do.

[Source 4music.com ] [Image via gay4rihanna.tumblr.com ]