Zedd talks about Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP', their creative process and how 'she can do better'

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As part of the ARTPOP tracklist of songs that Gaga has revealed, there's a number of producers involved that have been revealed to the mainstream, like DJ White Shadow, Madeon and Zedd. This last one, has recently given MTV something to talk about related to the state of ARTPOP.

Zedd talks about the creative process with Gaga, their busy schedules and how, at first, he was afraid of telling Gaga when she wasn't giving her best, he said:
"After the first time we worked in the studio, I just went back and kind of thought about it and I decided that I would just be honest. It took a day or two to kind of get used to that, but now it's totally fine. I can say, 'That was not good. You can do better.' And when it's good I'll say 'It's great.' "
So many news about ARTPOP lately, but still we haven't put our hands on any of Gaga's next material, I wonder when does she think of releasing something!!!

Fans can wait so long, you know?

[Image via pop-cultur.tumblr.com ]