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What is madetobenow.com?                                                               .
A music blog that's dedicated to pop culture, to fame culture, to our generation, to all those artists that we've been taught to admire, here's the place where we understand why do we love them... but madetobenow is more than that, it's that place where you can fall in love with new music, here you can share the love for music!

madetobenow's owner/editor/designer Art is a humble fan of music that loves discovering new sounds, dancing to new tunes and enjoying those epic songs that mark a time in our life. At madetobenow you'll discover the latest music news, releases, reviews, performances... and more!

Because everyone deserves to hear the music from the future!

Who the heck is Art?                                                                       .
Art: First started madetobenow back in December of 2010 when he noticed that he loved music (a lot) but at times he couldn't find a way to share his love for it, so he decided to create a place where his favorite artists, music and lyrics could be shared by the true fans! He has just turned 21. Art enjoys discovering indie acts, admires photography, scary video games freak, has a weird obsession over new tracks/talent/acts, has a sweet spot for old tunes and enjoys obsessing over pop culture.

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Since there is a wide range of music for us, music lovers, Art is constantly looking for new tracks, new blogs, new artists and pretty often featuring them on madetobenow.com so if you'd like to appear on the blog, then you should send your info to

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Madetobenow.com will review the music you sent either via mail or on the SUBMIT MUSIC section, even if it's pop, rock, electronic, house... etc., although due to high level of submissions we get day to day, it would be hard to respond to every email, BUT if you get to be featured, Art will definitely let you know.

Feel free to add madetobenow.com to your email distribution list on artthh@madetobenow.com

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